Grahaam's Barber Shop1005 Maple Avenue

Odessa Texas

We do all the popular cuts of today and yesterday

Susan Palomino is the new owner

Some History that might interest you.

Graham’s originally came to Odessa in 1947  from Levelland TX.

Operated by my Mom and Dad, opened up on west 2nd street

and later moved to 6th and Grant. Eventually they bought another

shop and each operated one. My Mom put in a shop at 25th and

Andrews Hwy in 1962 and ran it until her death in 1964. I took over

that shop in 1970 and ran it till I shut it down in 1982, due to  a

dispute that my Brother had with the bank. (long story). I thought

I could just work for the Odessa Fire department, but my creditors

didn’t agree, had a meeting and told me to go back to work.

I went to work at the Stylist Barber Shop and worked there for 27

years. Odessa College bought that property, so we all had to relocate.

We all decided to stay together and moved to 1005 Maple Ave.

on June 1st 2009. I retired from the Fire Dept. on April 15 2000.

There is an excellent website by Retired Firefighter John Taylor

on the history of the Odessa Fire Department, now known as

Odessa Fire and Rescue. You can get there from here.

Due to a progressing muscle disease and Dupuytren’s Contracture

in my hands, I had to retire from cutting hair.

This article of my Dad and Johnie Walker was published 8/2/1981.

Just click on the image to get it to a readable size.


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Graham’s Barber Shop